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Initial comprehensive evaluations

​Our Complete Health Evaluation is a head-to-toe examination and in-depth laboratory evaluation designed to get a blueprint of your current health including your strength, flexibility, physiological profile, body composition and mental acuity. Your Complete Health Evaluation lasts several hours and you will receive one-on-one attention by our expert staff, exercise consultants and physicians.
• Complete medical history and physical exam
• Expert review of laboratory tests
• Strength and flexibility testing
• Reaction time/memory testing using CNS Vital Signs
• Body Composition testing using InBody Analyzer
• Optimal wellness and Age Management teaching with Personalized
  Optimal Heath Plan
• Nutritional and exercise consultation with personalized exercise program
  and healthy diet
• Individualized hormone and neutraceutical treatment plan to meet your
​The Executive Health Evaluation is designed to further access your level of fitness, bone health and body composition.
Includes the Complete Health Evaluation PLUS:
• Heart Healthy Program Tests (Extended Lipid Profile, Genetic Markers of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) Risk, Coronary Calcium Score)
• Exercise Stress test to determine your Fitness Level (VO2)
• Full body Dexa scan to determine your bone health and Body Composition

standard programs

​Medical Management Program
After your initial evaluation you will receive a personalized treatment plan to attain your healthcare goals and optimize your health. Our Medical Management Program gives you all the resources of our center including ordering lab studies, prescribing bio-identical hormones and neutraceuticals as well as unlimited access to our diet and exercise counselors to help you reach your goals. Bio-identical hormone prescriptions, neutraceuticals and lab work fees are additional costs.

Medical Management of your Personalized Treatment Plan for Optimal health with:
• Ongoing exercise and nutritional coaching with unlimited access to
  our exercise/nutrition counselor
• Ongoing medical oversight with unlimited access to our physician
• Follow-up blood work every 4 months
• Periodic Progress Reviews to insure you are reaching your goals
Hormone Optimization Program     
Our Hormone Optimization Program gives you the Medical Management Program plus all your bio-identical hormones (except HCG and HGH) as well as your daily recommended neutraceuticals (vitamins, antioxidants, essential amino acids and fatty acids) which are shipped monthly to your door.

Includes the Medical Management Program PLUS:

• All your Bio-identical Hormones delivered to you (Except HCG and HGH)
• All your daily recommended Pharmaceutical-grade neutraceuticals
(Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants and essential Amino Acids and Fatty acids)
​Lifestyle Medicine Program - First Line Therapy
One in three adults in the US may have Metabolic Syndrome, the likelihood of which increases with age. Lifestyle medicine therapies are now the recommended primary approach to treat many common health issues associated with Metabolic Syndrome.

Reverse Metabolic Syndrome with FIRST LINE THERAPY, a proven lifestyle medicine program. This innovative program treats the following symptoms:
• High blood pressure
• High triglycerides
• High blood sugar
• Abdominal obesity
• Low HDL cholesterol

HCG Optimization  
If you are a candidate for HCG instead of testosterone therapy or if you wish to take HCG to prevent gonad atrophy, this package will work for you.
• Instead of Testosterone
• To prevent Gonadal Atrophy
Lab Package   
Our lab package covers any labs that our doctors feel you need as well as the regular follow-ups and annual labs needed to monitor your program.
• Covers all laboratory blood testing every 4 months and as clinically

Additional programs

​HCG Weight Loss Program
In 1957, Dr. Albert Simeons started using HCG as a weight loss management tool. Done correctly, you can lose up to 40 pounds in 40 days and then reset your metabolism so that you do not put the weight back on.
• 40 day supply of HCG
• Supply kit
• Syringes
• Alcohol wipes
• Sharps Medical disposal container
• Initial program counseling and in-depth teaching
• Regular follow-up and InBody Composition Testing to monitor progress
• Medical Management and Support
• Comprehensive take-home Program Guide
Longevity Program (featuring Telomerase Activator TA-65)
Within the last decade, the scientific community has made major breakthroughs in determining  how humans die and the key seems to lie with the shortened length of the telomere portion of the DNA. We are also discovering that the enzymes telomerase can be activated to stop the shortening of the telomeres as we age. Through this program we can actually lengthen your telomeres allowing cells to increase, lengthening life. This Telomerase Activator is available to you through our office.
• Initial Telomere Length Measurement (ImmunoAge and TeloAge): $800
• Patton Protocol (3-month supply of TA-65): $500-$2,000 depending on
  telomere length
Additional Diagnostic Services
Initial Comprehensive Biomarker Blood testing by Quest
• $495 (Retail value of $2400)
Follow-up Biomarker Blood testing by Quest
• $280 (Retail value of $1500)