Dr. Britt Parvus is a board-certified ophthalmologist with fellowship training in both ocular oncology and retinal diseases. She is passionate about caring for patients facing the devastating threat of vision loss.  Since "falling in love with the retina" during medical school, Dr. Parvus has devoted her career to treating patients afflicted with diseases of the eye. 

Triple board certified in family, emergency, and sports medicine, Dr. Dirk Parvus is a leader and expert in the emerging field of functional medicine, targeting and treating the underlying causes of chronic disease. After losing his father to Alzheimer's disease, Dr. Parvus is now dedicated to using state-of-the-art science and the full spectrum of modern medicine in the comprehensive treatment and prevention of cognitive decline and dementia .
Dr. Chad Parvus-Teichmann is a resident physician training in anesthesiology, perioperative and pain medicine. Dr. Parvus-Teichmann is passionate about caring for patients as they face the challenges of the perioperative period as well as alleviating the burden for those suffering with acute and chronic pain. 

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What is Coronavirus?
There are many types of viruses called coronaviruses, and some of them can make you sick. The new type we are hearing about now as part of this pandemic is called COVID-19. This virus causes mild to severe respiratory illness.

People who are exposed to coronavirus may show symptoms anywhere from two to 14 days later. those symptoms can include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Some people can develop pneumonia, and become seriously ill or die from coronavirus complications.

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